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The trees on your property are valuable assets.  They take many years to grow and provide shade across your lawn and home, the sound of the wind, and a stately finished appearance to your landscape.  To keep your trees at their healthiest and most beautiful, some maintenance or removal may be required from time to time.  A variety of circumstances can cause trouble with your trees, including:


Emerald Ash borer or other insect infestations
Vines and Ivies parasitizing the tree
Storm damage and lightning strikes
Structural defects in tree growth, trunk splitting
Molds, Fungi, and other Infections
Limbs hanging over your home, providing route for animal infestations or roof damage


Taking a tree down or trimming large limbs is not easy and you can get hurt or damage your property if not done properly. Let Creech’s certified and bonded tree trimmers help you maintain your investment.  Contact us today for a free estimate.

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